Everyone has a  story...

Tell Yours


Today's consumers don't just buy products or services; they buy stories and personalities.

We believe that your story can move mountains.

Our mission is to get your story across the airwaves, connect it with the community your business is tied to most, and expand your business' recognition.

Let's tell your story.  


It's nice to hear about what we do but we would rather show you! Take a look at our gallery of friends and get to know that quality and story that Orcinus Media Tells!


Words mean nothing without action. So it is better for us at Orcinus Media to share with you our communities.

We don't simply have clients. And you don't simply have customers. We believe that community and social connectivity drives people to buy and invest.

Come join the community. 

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Orcinus Media, LLC

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Our Story

Sometimes the hardest question in life is "describe yourself". It's not an act of hubris or vanity, but to simply be able to describe all that you are in a confined space of time. There are many experiences, expertise and connections that are not often included in our descriptions. We believe each step, each mistake, each day is important to your story because you will never know who connects with your moments. You will never know who connects with your heart, to your day-to-day if you never tell them your story.

Orcinus Media, LLC was birthed both out of a desire to tell stories and the recognition that more stories need to be told. Both of the owners are adamant story tellers in their own right, each with vastly different experiences, expertise and understanding. But by the chance of telling one story, one small story about what seemed like an insignificant moment, they managed to bond. And thus, the idea of the insignificant being profound is what Orcinus Media is rooted in. 

Each one of you have a profound experience, maybe not to yourself, but to someone who's life you could change by just telling your story.