Our Story

After working vigorously to help a grant program come to life, Taylor Dent realized an important fact: much of a program's success relies on effective storytelling. If your target audience understand how your service or product fills a need in their lives, they will find use in it and believe it its message. From that point, Taylor set out to serve Black and Brown organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs in ways to support online visibility. 

Taylor Dent
Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Dent received her Bachelor's of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Illinois-Springfield where she studied Elementary Education and African-American Studies.  Upon graduating college and spending 4 years working in Illinois State Government, Taylor moved to Washington D.C. where she began working for an educational non-profit program that aimed to increase teacher efficacy through training and development. While there, Taylor served as the Program Assistant and Social Media Strategist where she learned to use media and marketing to tell the story of the educational program and expand its audience. After working with this robust program for 2 years, Taylor moved to Chicago, IL to found Orcinus Media, LLC and began providing tailored content development services for Black and Brown organizations throughout the country. 

Davorian Ware
Chief Information Officer

Davorian Ware received a Bachelor's  in Political sociology from Southern Illinois at Carbondale and a B.S. in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Illinois Springfield. His career and education focus has been on education and politics.  He's worked in local, state, and federal politics as well as 10 years in K-12 holding positions from  teacher to counselor. He's currently working as a data analyst and learning to code. Deep into anime, manga, and videogames. Also, spoken word artists and rapper when no one is looking.