Worth A Thousand Words

Orcinus Media has been working with creating presentations, media packages, and developing social media strategies. During those times we've noticed how difficult it is to find general stock footage of people of color. As the world becomes more diverse there is an economic and structural need for a great pool of stock images and video footage of people of color. We're working to build a collection for business, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and others who want to prominently show the faces and families of the future. 

Telling Our Stories

Ocrinus Media wants more stories out there. We have businesses but we also have lives. We are creating short form documentaries, interviews, working with podcasting and locals in order to tell a broader story. Stories of challenge, of triumph, of pain, of passion. Your story is important because your story is our story.

The Network

Sometimes it can feel like  you and/or your business are in an isolated position. Beyond our services of building your business, Orcinus Media is striving to build a community of small businesses. We are collecting names, websites, services and reviews of businesses that we come in contact with to create a database for networking, training, trading business experiences, and developing a broader connection. It can also be utilized for others to connect with local businesses that are in their new communities.